Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Charts

Many providers find the task of researching, comparing and selecting the best documentation system challenging enough. There is added pressure to go paper-less from government and peers. Some providers end up trying to interface their existing legacy practice management or billing or scheduling system with a newer documentation system. There are pros and cons to this approach. On the one hand you have familiarity and continuity of tried and true functionality. On the other hand you have synchronization and technical risks when scenarios or workflows present themselves that test the limits of the interface.

Not only are pressures coming from the government, today's environment is beginning to dictate the need for  electronically maintaining patient medical information. It is becoming increasingly necessary for physicians and hospitals to be able to share patient information quickly and in a secure environment.

Again, Raintree's customizability takes it to the forefront of being able to handle the organizational needs for electronic patient information. Raintree and receive and send data in a multitude of formats including HL7 (version 2.3.1). Raintree can even offer safe and secure remote links to certain patient records via the internet.

See the example below of a simple record for a Worker Compensation Patient.