Raintree Software Only

Raintree Inc. has been in business over 25 years, providing the industry with one of the most robust and customizable systems on the market today. The software offers Billing, Scheduling and EMR capabilities.


1. Tremendous Cost to Benefit advantage for the practice

2. Completely integrated Billing/Scheduling/EMR software, with an electronic Superbill that generates charges.

3. Improved efficiencies in the practice do to Raintree’s automation of labor intensive tasks.

4. Unsurpassed flexibility in customization of the software to ‘fit’ your practice.

5. Many, many more benefits to this software exist. Visit us on the World Wide Web at www.medcomtx.com

                                                    OPTIONS FOR REVENUE IMPROVEMENT


Billing Outsourcing with Full Practice Management and EMR Software supplied.

With this option you get with MEDcom’s billing outsourcing, state of the art Raintree software which is full practice management software including scheduling, billing, and medical records as well as many other customizable features. The best of all, YOU own the software at the end of the contract !!!!


1. You own the software at the end of the contract.

2. Excellent Option for a ‘Start-Up’ practice.

3. Minimal to No startup costs

4. See the next option on Raintree Software



The #1 main reason to outsource your billing is to increase your reimbursements.  MEDcom reviews your current billing and coding practices and focuses on one thing and one thing alone when we start.  Increase your reimbursements and gross income.  Don’t misunderstand, Medcom’s objectives go far beyond the increased reimbursements, such as efficiency improvements and cost reductions. Our ultimate goal is to not only pay for ourselves with the increased cash, but to increase your net profit.


1. Real time visibility to your data.

2. Increased revenue

3. Decreased Overhead

4. Outstanding Customer Service

5. Improved internal workflow efficiencies

6. No startup cost

7. No Long Term Contract